Art & Soul Portland 2010 Jewelry

Robert Danick Concrete Pendant
I had the honor of taking some great classes at Art and Soul last week.

The first class was the Concrete Pendant.
I was so impressed Robert Dancik Concrete Class and teaching style. What a great project and new material to work with.

Robert Dancik showed how to use the Jewelry Saw explaining in great detail all the best way to use it and included 2 of the best blades possible in the deal.

He made it easy and fun. He also gave us so many tips on how to go in many different directions to express our own artistic vision.

I would say he is really a wonderful teacher for someone who is just beginning in learning to construct, drill, saw metal. I felt really prepared to go on to my next Jewelery class. He pointed out the best tools, blades, bench pins and other tools. He had many of them for sale in his class so you could go home and get started right away.

I can't say enough about him for a newbie or for an advanced Jewelery artist. And he was kind and considerate to all questions and needs. He spent a lots of time in instruction so that you really understood what you were doing and why. He had more idea's for further use of his techniques than I could even absorb.
I was hesitant to start in Jewelery because of all the new tools and knowledge I would need.

I made a wonderful copper bezel and then filled it with concrete and little items. Because it was my first time I didn't like how it turned out. So I came home and broke the concrete out so I can start over...I can't wait to finish it.

This is a successful classmates piece. She had taken jewelry
classes and made lots of pieces as you can see. Her work was amazing. I hope she contacts me so I can give her credit. I have posted a request on the Art and Soul yahoo group. I can see several parts that were made in other classes.

Susan Leanart Kazmer was amazing!
Next had the pleasure of taking a class with Susan. She was truly a fine artist...she gave her all heart and soul and taught us so... so much. What a cutie she was in her boots, chic top she got in France and her jewelry hanging off her pretty little self. I would take a class with her again and again it I get the chance!

Here rings a so beautiful and she taught us how!
I could only get one project finished in the class. This is the necklace she made..

Here are other necklaces and projects she teaches.

This was really advanced but thanks to Robert I was able to add a few extras and could use the jewelry saw. Susan set it up so that we all were able to be successful.Look how simple...I am going to "get me one of them..."at Lowes..DIY home center friends and I are going to get together and PLAY!

OK here is mine!
It was a container with words....that is why I wanted to take it I wanted special words near my heart. I put little dictionary words that she had painted resin on pages the day before. So I found words I wanted...
"Lord"....."Faithful" and "Thy Glory" from a little Hymn she also had in her pile.

But now I am fearless and have the tools I need to go for it.........thanks to Robert and Susan and of course Art and Soul and Glenny!


Sarah said…
Wow Deirdra! It all looks such fun with some beautiful results! They sound like great teachers!
Diane said…
Very beautiful, personal creations. Looks like lots of fun. I enjoyed looking.
spindelmaker said…
You lucky girl! I would have loved to of joined you! It looks great. Both great fun, and great creations that you´ve made. I am so looking forward to seeing your concrete-jewelry finished. That just really intrigued me! I never thought of the possibility!
Hi Deirdra!

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog for a visit! I love your work and would love to stay in touch! Your photos of Art and Soul are wonderful!

Enchanted Blessings,
Janine said…
Wow, how wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

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