Jane Austin's "Candy Cane Christmas Ball"

Let me introduce you my newest doll..."Jane Austin" ......

Jane is dressed and ready to go to the "Candy Cane Ball".
She loves to plan her ball gown each year and this time she made her dress look like a Candy Cane!
A cup of tea helps in the planning...
I just posted her for sale on my Etsy site.

I had so much fun making her. I have a little basket full of candy canes I made with baked clay. And of course the shopping..going to my local quilting store to find just the right fabric....and digging through the lace and trims I have collected over the years..

The most wonderful part was using a special piece of metallic trim. Years and years ago I found a very old dusty ribbon and trim shop in Tampa Florida. The store must have been owned by someone in Florida that still existed even in the 70's..They must have been like the original owner of The Tinsel Trading company. For the history click here.

I bought many antiques trims and beads..They were my little treasures...chest. I kept forever. It was my little secret.

Just before I started to make dolls I gave my beaded appliques to a beading friend..not knowing that finally in my future was a way to use my little treasures.

But I kept the old trims. And this is the first time I ever used any of it. The metallic crown on Jane came from this little treasure chest of mine. I am so pleased with her!

Now I am getting my Etsy Shop ready for Christmas. I will be posting new things off and on for the next 2 weeks.


Debby said…
WOW!!!! She is stunning.
spindelmaker said…
She´s lovely! I was thinking more of a slavic version of Snow-white than Jane Austen when I saw her, but that doesn´t matter. The metallic trim crown looks absolutely darling! It´s so nice when we can make use of our little treasures!
Julie said…
She is so gorgeous! Wow...I love everything about her! Thank you for your kind visit...I was happy to see you again. I hope you are having a great Halloween weekend! : )
Janine said…
Deirdra she is wonderful!
Deirdra,she is beautiful, what a pretty little face...hugs...christen
Sarah said…
She is lovely Deirdra! I just received a book about the tinsel trading company which I had not heard of. Fascinating and beautiful!
She's adorable! I love her whimsical expression!

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