I have been having so much fun this summer. No time to even write. But I want to post few little video's.
My friend and and his son singing.
Tinh and Liam Mahoney
Also go to Tinh myspace to hear his music. Click here.

Tihn made a wonderful film about schools he helped fund in Vietnam. Click
Prisoners find 'Redemption' through giving
Statesman Journal, OR - Apr 18, 2007
When Salem musician/ composer Tinh Mahoney got a call from an Oregon State Penitentiary inmate, Sam Sophanthavong, he had no idea what he wanted, ...

And finally some fun sculpture I saw at a Gallery in Seattle.
Hand Crank Art by Casey Curran


Anonymous said…
Liam is adorable...what a great voice.
These sculptures are such fun...I just love the artist imagination and skill.

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