Christine LaFever Delightful Dolls

I had a lovely visit with a gracious doll maker in the Historic town of Oregon City.

I didn't know where to look first it was so full of antiques, art, dolls and wonders.

Christine La Fever has the most beautiful authentically decorated home from the 1800's.

We chatted about all we had in common and I was amazed by her dolls.

Christine sells these doll that are reproductions made by her hand and molds. You can have a authentic doll from the early 1800's!

We had a little cups of tea and she placed beside me a little silver bowl that held the tea bag...I didn't know what it was for as it was such an antique. She severed a delicious unusual carrot salad, greens, my favorite cheese, bread, home made jam and home made yogurt....Her husband was delightful company around the big farm table in her kitchen.

I wanted to share with you the art of my new friend. Visit her blog that I am sure will bring you great joy like visiting her did for me! I can't wait to go back!!!


Thank you, Deirdra. That was so sweet of you to share moi with everyone!

Hugs and more hugs,


(AKA ~ Zwee!!!!!)
Sue said…
I love Christine's dolls and what a treat for you two to meet. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely visit together with us.


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