Christian Seder

Over the years I have tried several different ways to celebrate Easter.
I tried the Ukrainian way...making a cake in the shape of a Lamb.
and making Ukraine bees wax colored eggs..having parties where everyone does it.
A few years ago I found a book on celebrating the main fest days of the Jews our roots to Christian Holy Days in a Christian way. I tried doing a Seder for Passover. The communion is when Jesus was celebrating the Passover Seder with his disciples. I found it very beautiful. the sun is setting and spring blooming all around. I liked it better than the hassle of Easter Sunday. My friend Dale made the lamb and Alexy..(from Ukraine..go figure) made the cakes. I made the salads and dressed the table. If you are interested here is a link to the Seder with the instructions on what to do and say.

It seemed right to start with Alexy reading a little children's story call. "You are mine" about Punchinello Click here to see.

Alexy reads it so cute and with such sincerity. Your heart is warmed by the truth in this story.

Everyone brought so many wonderful things. And it was fun to have figs, olives and dates...but we never got to them as there was so much food! I guess that is why they call it a fest day.
Janne from Norway gave me a beautiful bag she made. It is linen and cotton with a heart stamp. It is for bread. I put the passover bread in it.

We finished a wonderful evening with guitar playing and the most fabulous movie..Prince of Egypt. It explains a little about the why of the Passover Seder. The colors are so amazing. I always was impressed with this movie. Then my oil painting teacher told me this story. The man who was the colorist for the film was a famous Russian Impressionistic oil painter. He became allergic to his paints and found a job with George Lucas at Dream Works. It confirmed what I already new about this movie. I bought the film today on DVD because it is truly beautiful. A movie is always part of my celebrations...I guess that happens when you grew up near LA.


Healing Woman said…
Thank you for sharing your most interesting celebration. Very different.
Deirdra Doan said…
Different all right...seems to be what we do around

Yes we are so blessed to get to travel and be artists...always pushing the edge and finding beauty and meaning where we can...

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