April First...

Janne wrote a cool list of ways to "Celebrate April"! Check it out she has great idea's.

I would add to her list for April..."Be Vulnerable" "Risk Love". Since this is Holy Week...the Vulnerability of Christ is very real...and Risking to Love is very real to me.

A friend of mine has been talking to me about this...I told her it is good to not be hard and try and protect your self all the time..there is a balance. One must know how to love yourself and take care of the little child inside of yourself. But sometimes we go too far when we are hurt and become hard hearted. She was not so sure...but Hardness is not beautiful..it may be safe but it is not Pretty....being like a child is so full of Life..and so full of innocence..but it is a risk. (to trust even if you do know you will do stupid things..it is worth it)

You could be Crucified...

and then resurrected and made new!


Carol said…
I love your post. So much to think about.

With love and missing you, Carol

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