New Kitchen Counter tops!

How can you do art if you are always decorating? So two years ago after spending 8 years (starting in 1999) of building and decorating, recovering and painting furniture and finishing the yard I said enough! I want to do art not just live in art. And I put down my hammer, shovel and house paint brush. And I went to doing my art. It has been wonderful making dolls, oil painting, children's book, mixed media, teaching, sewing...
but then the house said..."come hither.."

I thought when you built a new house you were done...but I was wrong. A new house has to be kept up. The fridge died and a new one had to come but now I need more cabinet doors above...The sink failed..the finish was staining everyday with food. So I wanted to get a new one but the hole was too big for the new sink. And well that meant matching tile. I didn't like the tile because the grout lines where too big and filed with grease and food. It was not done right in many ways..the tile didn't go up to the window and I had to do a stupid fix with little tile pieces...

So I got my wish Yeay! New granite counter tops. I think they are so pretty and so French looking to me.

So now I am busy looking for new used stainless dishwashers to make the look complete and for the cabinet maker to come for the doors..and the tile back splash..(tiles to find, walls to plaster and paint)
But soon and very soon..she hopes I will be back in the studio painting..and in the mean time I have such a wonderful home.

And the lady of the Manor...Of course moments before I was in painted sweats..working away...but Janna skirt that I told you about was so pretty I had to wear it..We are off to the my husband University Graduating students yearly art show. Without a sink the munchies at the refreshment table look good. By the way the show was great! Today my friend Aleskey will have the water back on!


stefanie said…
I hate grout too!!!! I am lovin' your gorgeous countertops!
LuLu Kellogg said…
Your new countertops are beautiful!

I love the skirt :)

Hope you are having a lovely weekend.

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Your new countertops are so beautiful. I love the french country look, and I love the sink!
Beautiful job as always! :)
Healing Woman said…
You look lovely. Job well done.
Sarah said…
It looks lovely Deirdra! Glad you are happy with all the changes!
Janine said…
Oh Deirdra, how beautiful!
Debby said…
WOW!!!! Your kitchen is awesome.
Anonymous said…
Your new counter tops look great.I love your kitchen beautifully decorated.
The Lady of the Manor looks wonderful in her new skirt.
spindelmaker said…
Congrats on your new, even-more-beautiful-than-before-kitchen! :-)
michelle allen said…
oh your countertops are totally BEAUTIFUL!! congratulations Dierdra!
Your home is so beautiful. And I love your website. I am so glad you sent me your links.

I am going to check in often.

When you come to P.B have you ever contacted Stamping Details in Poway to teach while you are down? Diane is the wonderful owner. Chris Cozen, Leslie Altman, Suzi Blu (to name just a few) teach there when they are in town.

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