Artful Blogging Winter 2010

The Beautiful Vanessa Valencia of Fanciful Twist hosted a "Mad Tea Party" this summer. And "Artful Blogging" interviewed her in their Winter 2010 issue about her blog party.
I received a copy of "Artful Blogging" today. I thought Why!? I am not in this zine.
So I quickly thumbed through to see if I was and look what I found!!!
I had forgotten about Vanessa's request for photo's a few months ago. Lookie here aren't they so cute: Bug Dude and his girl Princess Bug Doll. They really look nice on the page with Vanessa's other lovely blog party friends. You can look at the other parties at her blog "Fanciful Twist". I love Artful Blogger magazine. I learn so much from it. I am going to steal away and enjoy reading it now before bed.


Halloween Party Greetings & May Magic Forever Soar in Your Heart Deary!
Drop by & enjoy some tea & Cake won't you?
Wugs (witchy Hugs)

Fanciful Twist Virtual Halloween Party
spindelmaker said…
Congrats! How great! They both are lovely! Now i´ll have to get the magazine, and brag to everyone I know: " I know her!" :-)
Liesel said…
Congratulations! What fun!! You totally deserve it!
Heather said…
ah! that's amazing news! I cant wait to see it...i love that magazine so :)
Diane said…
I like these bug dolls! do I see a harp guitar?!! Nice!

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