Frida Kahlo Christmas on Etsy

Just listed Frida Kohlar Christmas Doll. She will be featured in Art Doll Quarterly next Winter 2011. She just got back from her trip to Stampington Studios so I could offer for sale this Christmas! Let the Christmas shopping begin! I am going to decorate my house today.

I am so Thankful to be friends with Jana Holstien at Stampington Studio's. I also have been favored by the rest of editor's there. They have been so supportive of my art. I found out that I had been contacted by Stampington via email would have been in Somerset Studio's or other issues....... but the emails from the editor's have not arrived! I think that they went in my hoo..and some of my message's from Etsy have also gone in SPAM! I had to put Etsy emails into my contact list. I guess I need to put all the editors at Stampington Studio's in my contacts on my Gmail too.
I was surprised when a few item's where returned and didn't make the cut for the magazines...but now I know what happened!
Just a little warning for you art you don't have the same fate.


She is just beautiful Deirdra! I love you work and imagination and I am not surprised those editors have been trying furiously to contact you. I will be watching for Art Doll to see your Frida in print at last!
Have fun decorating for the holidays, I am attempting the same here myself, along with working on a few dolls!
Tina xo
Deirdre, your lady in red is just awesome, very inspiring...and the detail is amazing....hugs...christen
Anonymous said…
She is lovely and soon to be famous :)
I know how frustrating it must be for you...I have started checking my spam box before I delete...learned that lesson the hard way.
Congratulations on your success.
Anonymous said…
She is beautiful Deirdra. I love her very, very much!
Lori Saul said…
Such beautiful art and your Frida is divine. Your abilities at so many forms of art is staggering Deidra. So glad to have found you and your blog through (Digital Whisper). Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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