Paintings for Bush Art Winter/Holiday Show

 A couple paintings I have in the Bush Art Gallery.
I reworked this is so much more powerful now.

My husband noticed that it is full of meaning ..Art expressing your deep self just like dreams is always a surprise to me. I think because I am often so mental. I guess that is why God gave me artistic talent....

Here are some thoughts about the painting.

Venice Dreams

Venice Dreams Print 8x10 inches
Venice Dreams Print 8x10 inches Venice Dreams Print 8x10 inches Venice Dreams Print 8x10 inches
This painting is full of meanings that only became apparent when it was completed. The woman is lost in a dream. The dream in front of her is orderly like a city but it doesn't seem to really fulfill all that is in her heart. Even the Lily's that she loves are felt through a black glove and fall from her hand.

But behind her is where her true self is full of the joy of masses of butterfly's flying to the moon...a subconscious place of truth that is beginning to come to life.

Her wings are not fully formed yet. Although she can not now fly to her destiny with them but the promise is there as they continue to emerge.

Her heart is filled with the white purity of the peacock in an imaginative beautiful mansion in Venice, Italy.


Lisa Graham said…
They are lovely Deirdra. Your colors are so soft and pretty and their eyes are kind and expressive.

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