It's Christmas Dept 56 and Wendy Mainow

 It's do I know..Wendy W. Malinow had her Christmas Sale! Check out her wonderful jewelery and other such things on her etsy click here

Lookie here..the little snowman and the teal flower with a red center is her ornaments. We trade each year. And I buy one her adorable little silver can too from her Etsy!
 Wendy is so her little silver shoes, sequin skirt and Maybell shirt! She is also a children's book illustrator...fairy's and Christmas things...amazing..and her studio is so cool.

 Each year I trade with several artists. It is so are a few of the great treats I have.

It is so wonderful to have hand made things...The Angel fairy's are my ornaments I traded this year. I also have them on my etsy for sale....and then there is the not handmade..but...

 I have always loved the magic of Dept 56 Snow Village. It reminds me of my Childhood at Christmas. Or Norman Rockwell much family love. I just got my first 3 on ebay. I don't want to many or I will not know where to put them..but aren't they cute...Now I need a few people..

So I wish you a Merry Merry Christmas..We are off to do our Victorian Christmas Concerts around Oregon, California and AZ this year. Check out my husbands is a great show..
John Doan's Victorian Christmas


It's looking so festive in your home Deirdra! It must cheer you up each time you walk into the living room!

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