Art Doll for Something Red

It is that time of year again...the "Something Red Show" in Salem Oregon.

This year I am displaying my Art Doll. She has a pretty red bow and red roots in her hair.

I am so Thankful...this Nov. for Sheri DeBow who taught me her method of making dolls. Check out her Facebook for lots of photo's and fun....

I made her eyes as those who follow my blog know you can do a search on my blog to find out how. This little dollie didn't have deep enough eye sockets so her eyes are kinda buggy..but....she is cute anyway.

Dolls can be hard to sell for Art I decided to give her her own Using all my mix media methods I learned from teachers at Art and Soul and Art Fest I went to work.

Ann Durley

Then I visited the great and wonderful Ann Durley who lives near me. She makes the best clocks..She taught me how to make an arty box.

She gave me some antique what nots to get started..thank you Ann......and then I spent 3 days in a 60 mile radius going all over to antique, thrifts shops and lumber yards..looking for stuff to make the box.

Finally with the stuff in hand... I now had to go on craigslist and pawn shops to get me a Radial Electric Saw and a Finish Nail gun..not to mention the right nails finally and other tools.

And then there was vacuuming up the dust...yeeks. Today I am off to deliver my the show..then home to clean the studio!!!!!!!!!


Ohhh very original and beautiful, wonderful. Kisses.
Hanni said…
you did a wonderful job, love it and your story

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