Modern Modonna and Child

This is one of my favorite painting.
Etsy ad.
"I love to mix the ancient and the modern. This reminds me of so many enduring symbols. She is medieval and she is a modern young mother. I think of the Madonna and Child and I think of King Arthur.....

I love the crowns and the wings and the birds. All the stuff of dreams and hope."

 I repainted the faces on this mixed media painting for the show at the Bush Barn. I am really happy with my face painting skills are improving.
I haven't had lots of time to paint with working for our music business. I have to work like so many women artists. But I get to pick my hours and I have fun traveling and all the other perks. The good news is that over time painting a little here and a little there the abilities improve. I am Thankful!!! this beautiful month of Thanksgiving.

You can buy a print of my painting on my etsy.


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