Summer 2013

What have I been doing? Spent 6 weeks in Europe while touring with my husband his Harp Guitar concerts.

I am posting some photo's of what I have been doing this summer. I set up this shot of the table in Brussels at a beautiful friends home. I changed it a little in Photoshop to help with my paint. My darling french friend Sophia was captured in the moment of thinking about about how she would set her lovely was so moving. I have been dealing with deep soul wounds surrounding issues of Mother love and unconditional Love. Unselfish love. Of course my sweet Mother had her own issues and so it goes through the generations of lose of mother in my family. 
But now is time to has always represented this part of longing for me and it has been healing for me.

This photo of Sophia found her in moment where all her heart was involved in loving her family and guests with every part of her Feminine self. Such a moment of truth and awakenings. It reminded me of Bonnards paintings. Check out the beautiful pinterest link for his paintings.

 As I pondered this longing in my heart became even more clear to be blessed by that kind of love. Atime to realize no amount of beauty made by me or others can heal this wound. Only prayer to my loving Creator God who knows all my longings will do. Only giving up and asking Him to repair and heal my heart would every bring this to pass. It is a healing time for me. 

No wonder I love Bonnard so much he was always painting the same theme. His colors caress the warmth of the love of the mother..or in his case his wife. French women do have a special way about them and their families I found out this summer as we spent time in two very special French women's homes enjoying there cooking and care.

If any of you know about constitutional Homeopathy you can see how the remedy by my Dr. Steve Albin (of 30 years and is amazing!!) of Nat. Mur is matching and helping me to pass through this time of healing as well as the prayers. Here is a link to a favorite book Homeopathic Psychology: Personality Profiles of the Major Constitutional Homeopathic remedy's... By Philip M. Bailey on the different personality's of Homeopathic remedy's that heal your heart issues and body.

Another wonderful moment this summer was taking a painting class from Deborah DeWit
for 2 weekends at the coast. I learned how to paint dreams and poems.. She is a deep soul and being in her home was very special.

We stayed with wonderful friends at their home at the beach. They opened their home to us and made it possible to enjoy the class on a artists budget. John played a little house concert for their friends and we stayed up in the night talking about art and music and life.

Deborah studio..and work..

First layer and a bit of an effort to get right.
Second layer..I plan to change the face and go looser.  I am just finding my way into the painting.
More of me and Bonnard type of painting as I progress will come forth. Still finding my own style. At least I am more confident with faces and painting now that I have been painting for so long.

More beauty of the summer was planting beautiful David Austin Roses and and spraying them every other day with Deer repellent to keep them from being lunch. It is a full time job but oh how I love roses...I know the Danish women of my family loved them too..I think of my mother and Aunts as I bask in the roses spell.

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It is so much quicker to post there so I don't go here as much as I would like! Miss you all....

PS the next trip is China and Japan..can you believe it!!!!! I never dreamed of this life. God is so good to me. I trust and thank Him so much...My Lord Jesus Christ!!!

Psalm 16:11

You make known to me the path of life;you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand.


Janine said…
So glad to see you back! Sorry for your loss!

Loving the painting you are doing!

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