"Golden Mermaid" Oil
I wanted to paint something Green that had to do with the Sea or Forest....I found this darling picture below.
Margret Gorman first Miss America 1921 standing with Neptune at the Beach in Atlantic City


DarLie*~ said…
This is beautiful and I LOVE your Christmas song!!!!!
DarLie*~ said…
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Anonymous said…
What a beautiful painting. So soft and ethereal.
Anonymous said…
A fabulous are so good.
I have been catching up on reading your posts. Wonderful reading and great eye candy.
Anonymous said…
What a fantastic photo, and the painting is so beautiful. I always love seeing what you're up to.
You are having so much fun with your oils again, aren't you? Your mermaid girl is beautiful - great photo for the inspiration!

:-) lulu
Got your comment - what are YOU doing up so late!!!
:D lulu
artlover said…
I love how everything is blended
together so smoothly;-)

Mariette xox
Janine said…
Deirdra, the mermaid is beautiful!
charmaine said…
your so enchanting and whimsical! i love that! this means you have a great imagination. i heard your Christmas song you wrote. VERY BEAUTIFUL! you have a very lovely voice. the song is an amazing Christmas song. i love the words. the video was great too. this painting is very lovely. if you don't mind i would love to show some of your art work on my blog and link back to you? hope your having a blessed day! thanks for your comment.

God Bless,
Tammie Lee said…
I love every painting you have on this front page of your post. you have a very charming style. So nice to find you and your blog.

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