JOURNAL DAY 12 Blue self portrait


Anonymous said…

About your question: the text on the candles come from an old book. It doesn't mean anything special. Although the words 'sweet' 'heart'and 'hope' are in it. Strange, didn't noticed that before. :)
Ro Bruhn said…
I'm seeing so many shades of blue on so many blogs, all doing Misty's challenge, it's a delight to see my favourite colour everywhere.
Nicole Austin said…
beautiful in blue! thank you for visiting and for your kind comments. this color challenge is a lot of fun to do--and i love to see others' interpretations!

Deirdra Doan said…
Thanks, Deirdra, for stopping by my blog and leaving your nice comment. I am having so much fun with this journaling challenge, and learning so much, too. Perhaps the best part is that art journaling is becoming a habit. Hugs,

Nelda Ream
I love how the blue on you is the same irridescent blue of the butterfly, as if Deirdra is going through this beautiful transformation, ready to take flight!
;-) lulu

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