JANUARY Painting A Day "Moonlight Reflections"

The assignment this week from Misty is:

"i am going to be digging a little deeper into my pages and thinking about my emotions and how i can express them. art is all about expression, is it not? whether it be through music, words, dance, painting, drawing, journaling...etc. a whole gamut of emotions can be covered through art, what is it about a piece of art that brings these feelings to the surface? is it color, line, composition, facial expression, body language.... what else? this week as you are journaling think about how you are feeling at that time or how you felt all day, put these feelings on your pages. what color is happy, what kind of line would make you think of feeling angry or quiet. maybe you had a wonderful day, what would that look like? use words, collage, photos, self portraits, and any medium you wish to express your feelings."

I am not sure why this painting looks sad.....(maybe it was the smoke from that weird log in the fire that gave me a little headache)I don't think sad, I think of reflections...and beauty......depth of soul. I have been very happy doing art everyday, it is very rewarding......seeing a style come forth...directions to go in. I have also been very busy getting my basement reorganized...working a little on studio...still not finished...builder comes and goes. And then my Birthday is Sat. and I am looking forward to it. I think the painting expresses moodiness with the blues and lavenders.

I was asked how I did this painting. Here is the technique.

Oil painting with thin glazes of color. Under painting in Raw Umber. Then color is put on with wiped off brush so only a little goes on. Then I used a Q tip to pull off color in places bringing movement like around the sun. Finally I use a needle tool to make scratches. Since it is oil it stays soft so you can get the paint off. You could maybe use Open Acrylics by Golden that stays wet longer too.


Anonymous said…
I love what you are doing lately. Your journal paintings and dolls are wonderful. Where are your Art and Soul classes being held?
Way to go girl ;]
WOW!!! You've been having all kinds of fun! Deirdra, I so LOVE this painting, so much depth of emotion to it. And YES I love your shape painting - very fun! And your little birdie - so sweet - lucky recipient!
Pretty Things said…
This one speaks to me for some reason. I could look at it for hours. It really does something for me.
Tammie Lee said…
Lovely painting. I enjoyed your sharing how you feel about it and how you created it. I like the way it makes me feel when I look at it.

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