JOURNAL DAY 6 self portraits

upturned noses are a challenge.....tired a method I learned in Misty Mawns' class...using watercolor crayon's and then adding white paint to blend.


Personally, I think you did a great job on your upturned nose! And your skin - such beautiful coloring!
xo lulu
p.s. sorry about the unhealth food - I just really like spaghetti!
Diane Rooney said…
I think it looks great. I particularly love the colour and mood. Very nicely done and inspirational. x
Anonymous said…
Oh, that is truly gorgeous!
Dayna Collins said…
Pretty, pretty self-portrait. You truly captured your beauty.
Anonymous said…
Hi Deirdra. I think the eyes really look like you! It feels like you too. A real likeness.

Thanks for your message today.

Anonymous said…
ohhh i like this one..has such a dreamy quality managed to capture a wonderous emotion ... loved taking a peek
♥ milliande
Teresa aka Tess said…
WOw, this is awesome. I can see why Misty chose to highlight you on her blog. Wonderful stuff.

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