JANUARY 19 Painting A Day In Class

Well Misty....does 3 hours painting in class with Jennifer Diehl the cute girl above count as art every day?? No buttons or cloth but I painted a still life with cloth. The painting above is by my amazing teacher...looking at her still life.
Jennifer Diehl oil
One time I painted this set up....it was a study in white. She had you look at each object and tell her what color white it was. The vase was a orange tinted white, the cup a green tinted white, the book a brown tinted white, the cloth in front of the book a lavender tinted white...whew....she is an amazing colorist...if only you could see them in person. If you ever go to the Coast of Oregon Lincoln City, or Portland she shows in Lawrence Gallerys, also in Edmonds WA and Scottsdale AZ.

I thought on the hour drive home about what I would do with buttons, oil paint, cloth and texture!!!


Thanks for inviting me to come see Jennifer's class - her work is beautiful and I'm sure it would be beneficial. And hey! I like your new banner!
;D lulu

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