JANUARY 14 Painting A Day "altered photo"

The assignment was altering your photo. A while back my printers printer head went out. All the photo's I printed left the black out. I saved this photo. It is of "Princess Bug" for Artfiberfest. It was so interesting. So I used it to make this page...I tried the collage techniques I learned in Misty Mawns class...as a painter collage is something I have to work at. But I think this came out fun...it looks like the little girl next to Princess Bug is saying......."Ta Da ! Meet Princess Bug!" Fitting because I announced her on my blog today and the class I will be teaching. Art is in your heart and hands...it knows things your head forgot......

How do you do collage??
I find it hard. All this little papery, cutting up little snips, running around finding collage stuff is so messy and hard to get in the rhythm of. I have started just tearing out images when I ever I get a magazine, in a waiting room, visiting on phone what ever. Then stashing them a side. I would like to know how you all do it?


I stumble with collage and I'm so glad to hear that I not alone. Your altered photo is wonderful and I love your doll too.
Anonymous said…
this page is wonderful. i like collage, but you do have to find the rhythm. i like using prompts when i'm feeling blah with creating. so perhaps you could create some collage prompts like paper, vintage, button, tissue paper, fabric etc...and mix them all up, pull out one at a time, and just go for it. i've found though for the prompt thing to work, you really need to include the items/techniques that you like or think look cool in the end. otherwise, it will feel like drudgery which is worse than blah!
Looks to me like you get the collage thing - in the close-up view you can see the little girl's feet, and they are AWESOME! I like the kind of rough way you incorporated them with the rest of her body. For me, I just love mixing in the different textures and a splash of color and pattern. And I LOVE gel medium for putting it all together - it's my new most favorite stuff in the world. But you know, I like getting messy!
;D lulu
I am so glad to know I am not the only one who finds collage difficult. I love it, but not when I do it!
JolieArt said…
I have always been a big fan of collage and a lot of my work incorporates it. For me, deciding what I want to accomplish with the collage is important before I begin. For example, if I just want it to create texture, it doesn't matter what I collage with...junk mail, fabric, leather, tissue paper...whatever. It just matters that there is a variety of texture.

My collage work has evolved, but at the moment I am using it for the background in my mixed media girl paintings. I use punches to cut a variety of shapes from card or paper. At the moment, I also have this fantastic mesh that has wonderful texture. I use gel medium to apply it randomly around my canvas. After it's dry, I apply gesso, again randomly to integrate everything together. When it's dry, I layer, layer, layer with paint. You end up with amazing texture, as well as richness of colour.

Alternatively, sometimes I want collage as a finishing touch. For example, I was painting my "younger" mixed media girls and then adding scrapbook paper as a detail for dresses, shoes, etc. In that case, it goes on last because I want it to stand out, as well as avoid messing it up with paint.

I happen to love the gluing and sticking, as well as the surprise at the end, as you never know exactly how collage will affect your painting (with the 1st method I described). Some people are planners though and prefer more control.

I think whether you like or feel comfortable with collage is the same as any other medium. We all have different preferences that we naturally gravitate to, so it's OK not to be nuts about one particular medium.

I actually started my first video the other day to show my process, but it's a lot harder than I thought it would be! Going to try again Monday.
Lorri said…
I Love the way you can combine almost anything, with anything - the difficulty is getting it all to look coherent and to belong :)
I love it though, and practice seems to be the way to get it - I'm still practicing :)
Rosie said…
I love collage, but then I hoard tons of stuff for it... funnily enough, I find fabric collage easier than paper - go figure!! And yes, you need to be in the right frame of mind... but then I wish I could paint like you - a-maz-ing!

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