JANUARY 24 Painting A Day " A Gift"

(I fixed the face...I couldn't understand why the bird didn't look as sweet as I wanted and as the source photo bird was...my beek was frowning and my eye highlights were too harsh...so I softened them...much better.)

Click the painting to see it larger

"The Gift" oil by Deirdra

This little bird is a Gift for someone who loves birds. It was fun to paint a painting that came from what I know another would love.
And here is the patient little model...sitting in her nest....
And just for fun I put this cute little queen bird found on my bloggy friend Terisa's blog. She said it was made by her friend from "the little pink studio".


First I want to tell you your bird is very well done!
Second, Thank you for taking the time to read that far back on my blog! And yes you should be posting for owoh! Third, I have to give the compliment to Little Pink Studio. She is who made the very cute bird. You can see her link here. http://www.littlepinkstudio.typepad.com/
We did the gooofy one at the end of that post. I was so taken by everyones really cute designs of birds in their nests and realized how funny the one that lived in my house looked!
But I must say you get the award for most time spent on my blog in one evening!
Thank you!
Janine said…
OH DEIRDRA! I just love your painting!!! Absolutely love it!
deb did it said…
how darling, sweet and precious. tweet tweet
Creatively Lisa said…
I just want to say that I found your blog through OWOH. I love this painting of the bird. Your work is very beautiful.
Tina said…
Hey Dierdra

Beautiful bird...quick note - not sure if you noticed on my blog I awarded you the Honest Scrap Award...no biggie

Also, quick question - how did you post you etsy badge and link it to your store...I can't figure out how to do that? Any advice???

hope all is well.

GraceBeading said…
Beautiful little bird painting, I'm so glad I found your blog through the OWOH event!
Linda S. Socha said…
Love your work and particularly loved the Christmas Video. What a wonderful idea

Stop by to say hello at Psyche Connections. You may enjoy the small post on creativity. I enjoy exchanging following blog links if you hafe an interest. Have a wonderful 2009. I will hope for another Christma Video or others in between!
Anonymous said…
What a beautiful rendition of the bird! I love this painting. And the bird sculpture from Little Pink Studio is absolutely charming.

What a nice post. :-)

Belinda Manning said…
I had to pull myself away from your blog... For now. And I will get over to your myspace to hear you sing! This event really does unearth some very wonderful treasures! Your work is just wonderful. I'm still new to doll making and am just becoming comfortable calling myself a doll maker. Thank you for visiting me. I'll be back
Anonymous said…
Hello Deirdra,

first of all, your work is beautiful!

I found a link to you on my page on SuziBlu's ning group, a page which I have never visited because all I've done there is watch the video, but that's about it. So I came here and was surprised to see your pretty doll with the puppy, which I had commented on in grittyjane's group (another place where I have only watched the videos.)

Small world isn't it, even on the web!
Anonymous said…
Well, I'm already back!
Just wanted to tell you that I watched you Christmas video and the song and video itself are beautiful!
You are very, very talented.
luckygirlgifts said…
You are an amazing artist. WOW!!
thanks for visiting my one world one heart giveaway.
You have a beautiful blog.
Cari B.
Anonymous said…
That is such an incredible painting! Absolutely gorgeous.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful works of art. Thanks so much for stopping by for a visit. I hope you will stop by anytime and I'll do the same.

Loved the Christmas song and husband's music as well.


Michelle McGee said…
You do beautiful work!!! Congrats on teaching at Art & Soul, that's a dream!
Unknown said…
This bird is absolutely adorable! She looks so pretty in her bejewelled nest! WOW!
I blog hopped over here from your husband's blog for OWOH!

If you would like a chance to win some hand tatted lace please hop on over to my blog! OWOH #118 :)
Terri said…
I love everything about the painting of your bird. I'll be sure to stop back by and visit.
Unknown said…
WOW! Deidra, I love chubby little birds and yours is so happily cozy in his nest. How adorable! Love it!
Pretty Things said…
I just want to cuddle them all -- the painting, the real birds, the stuffie! LOVE~
Ann said…
Wow! These are both amazingly beautiful!
Karen Salva said…
adorable! I think the bird in the photo was just a bit grumpy because the photographer was taking too long with it's photo shoot. Your painting would make it sing as sweet as it now looks.

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