JANUARY VIEWS 11 Lights for the Dark nights

My husband hates it when I take down the Christmas lights...so January I usually have to suffer with Christmas all month long...the magic is gone.
But this year I came up with an idea!! I love the lights of Christmas warming the dark long nights...it is always so empty without them....so why not get some pink lights and make a Valentines....my Birthday (Jan 31st) magical twinkle light world to light up the darkness till the end of Feb. I found this wonderful Martha Stewart silver glitter on twigs swag on sale at Kmart in the Christmas section...I swapped out my greens of Christmas and put up new hot pink & white twinkle lights. Then I replace my tree in the urn with branches, decorated them with red blushed hydrangeas dried flowers, silver metal angle hair, and more pink and white lights and Voila.....!!!!
More winter fun!!!!

And of course Miss A (Marie Antoinette) had to get into the photo because she is just sure that anything Pink is her domain.....! (by the way she is for sale on my Etsy site)


Anji Gallanos said…
i bought a pair of those glasses last time I was in Seattle at Fireworks. I love them I wish I could wear them everyday and see the world just like that...everything sparkly and pretty...mmmm maybe I will go put them on now.

I think Christmas lights should be up all year..mine only come down in July when they just look like ugly green wires.

beautiful home.
Lunara said…
Great idea.., well because i love your blog i am giving you an award, please come to my blog for it.., hugssss...
Lydia said…
Love your mantel! Where can I find pink lights? We too suffer from too much darkness in January. We have clear lights on the top of the windows.
Anonymous said…
Oooh, that is so lovely! What a good idea! I also love the warmth of Christmas lights, and I hate taking them down. Consequently, even after the tree and the outdoor lights are packed away, I leave strings of white lights twined around the iron scrollwork in my kitchen, but I still miss having those small, warm lights everywhere.
Ulla said…
LOVE! What a wonderful idea. I think lights can be used all year round if used in moderation and tastefully, you've shown how perfectly! I adore the old harp on your mantel, and of course your doll is wonderful!!!
Happy New year!

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