The Prize! A little oil painting in Red for the OWOH giveaway.

Corrine and Misty during retreat in Melbourne Australia

AND THE WINNER IS! says the random number generator

CORRINE!......from Glenorcy: Otago: New Zealand!
please go visit her wonderful blog!

It is so amazing because Corrine took a class from Misty Mawn when she was teaching in Melbourne Australia. She loved the class and Misty the way I love Misty. My give away was a painting I did for the

January Art Journalers...along with Misty Mawn

It was the day we did red. Here is Misty's art on Red day.

Thank you everyone for all your wonderful and kind comments.....I really wish I could have given everyone a painting. There were so many sweet, funny and loving comments about my painting. I hope to visit everyone again before next year.Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! and Happy Valentines!


Corrine said…
really? squeeeeeeeeee!
happy dance! happy dance! happy dance! I love it!Oh I'm so happy!
THank you THank you THank you
I'll email you later...
Anonymous said…
Congratulations to the lucky winner! I'm sorry I arrived late to the party, and didn't get a chance to enter. Thank you for entering mine though (drawing tomorrow). It's been wonderful meeting so many new people around the world and seeing so much fabulous art!
Lucky winner!
Deirdra you won one of the giveaways on my blog.
magpie said…
Deidra - you're winner #4 of my giveaway but i can't seem to find your email...please email me at jstmagpie at

Tina Leavy said…
you are the winner of the butterfly decals over at my site. I need you to please contact me so I can tell you how to go about choosing them and receiving them.
my email is in my profile on my blog at
Thank you! and congrats.
Tammie Lee said…
Hello Deirdra,

I have looked around your blog and can not find your email address. I would like to tell you first your winner is one very lucky lady!
You have won my giveaway!!! Yea, yeeha, celebration!
if you can email me at: spirithelpers(at)gmail(dot)com
I will email you will instructions to pick the cards you would enjoy having.

martha brown said…
Hi Deirdra! Guess what? You won the cuff in my OWOH giveaway!!!!You must be the luckiest person in the giveaway, LOL!!! please email me with your address.
my email is
oohmorepaper at yahoo dot ca
(please note that it is .ca not .com)
thanks, ~martha
Ro Bruhn said…
What a beautiful painting, I met Corrine when she was here in Melbourne and I know she'll love it. Great piece.
misty said…
awwwwwwwwwwwww. i love this moment, only wish i could have it in person and see you giving the gift to Corrine, she is such a beautiful soul, how wonderful it would be to see the two of you meet in person!!!! i love that you and her have connected here.
happy valentine's day dear Deirdra.
I won not a thing! /but saw some really great new sites! I can't believe you made it to all of them! I'm guessing I only did about 200! And I thought that was alot! Dave beat me out in hits! I'm competitive so I'm thinking up the next challange to beat him at!
Thank you for visiting today and for the nice comments!
Have a great weekend,
Congrats to the lucky winner! What a beautiful experience it was participating in OWOH!

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