This morning a wonderful email arrived from "Black Eyed Suzi" a favorite doll maker who sells her work on Etsy.
She said, "Just thought you'd like to see your doll in this stork treasry-yay!"

When I click to the page there on Etsy was a beautiful Video about
her doll making and life. As I scrolled to the bottom of the page along with her dolls and other artists work I found my Young Miss Marie!
You must go and check out her video it is marvelous. And see my Miss A!!
click here.

An extra surprise was to see Amanda Blake's painting was featured too. How cool is that to be placed with my favorite people. I don't think the etsy blog editor Allison knew that I had talked to Amanda or Blackeyedsuzi recently...
I am so honored.
Take a bow Miss A!!!


Janine said…
Deirdra, thanks for the links to these two artists, they are terrific. I have added them to my favorites.

Can't wait to see your finished studio?
Sarah Pogue said…
Congratulations on being featured in the treasury! I thought it was a great piece, all together.
On a side note, I've been having a great time perusing your and your husband's musical website! You guys are a creative tour de force! I love the music, it is soothing and energizing at the same time. My 16 yr old cousin is very involved in the celtic music scene - we went to the festival/workshop at Augusta a couple years ago (I learned the Bodhran, kind of). I can't wait to show her your site (usually it is she who turns me on to new artists!)
Hey, look! There you are! That's very cool your Young Miss M is featured! Very cool video, too - thanks for linking to it. Hey, there's a doll named Lulu!!!
:D lulu

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