As I have been working on moving into my new studio I keep thinking.......
of what my dear friend Shirley Bennett who taught me to decorate said
while we were painting all our furniture white........
"Someday Deirdra we are going to be stripping all that white paint off and taking it all back to wood". Well that day has come...but I cheated...

As I was getting ready to paint this book case brown I thought about my favorite faux painting book by Annie Sloan. (Bye the way she has a wonderful new book "Creating the French Look".)
I realized I could use colors to get a primitive warm look that I am using in my studio. I found this rust red, and dull green. I painted the back wall in the rust and the rest dull green. Added decorations with paints and finished it with watered down dark chocolate brown antique glaze to pull it all together. I will top it with an old piece of wood moulding.
click here to find it on Amazon with different cover.

"My Son Jade"
This morning I worked on the bookcase and today I spent time with my son Jade who was visiting from San Diego. For those of you who know Misty Mawn a lovely artist and teacher has a little son named Jade. I always find it interesting that we both named our boys Jade. I thought Jade was a boys name and only later learned it was used for girls in the East. I love the name and feel fondness that Misty loved the name too.
My son's first name is Bezaleel...he was the man in the bible Ex. 31 that was given the gift of wisdom in the Arts. I thought that was cool and his Dad suggested the name. I planned to call him Jade. "Bezel" means protection "el" means God..Jade means "precious stone".

I didn't realize how amazing the meanings were till later. Bezaleel Jade "A precious stone in the protection of God"! And often parents named their children after things that were their prayer for Wisdom in the Arts for my self..and protection...I didn't really understand it all at the time but now it is an interesting thought".


This is a great pic of you & your son. Think it does you better justice than your profile pic?! :) Thanks for the hint on the book, Deirdra. I'd love to take a closer look but couldn't find the same cover on Amazon. Do you happen to have the ISBN? Thanks in advance!

Cheers, Julie
Thanks for the link! I have added the new book to my Amazon Wishlist as well! :)
I like painting furniture. I used to be a purist and soon scrapped that notion. I like whimsy and depending on the piece WILL paint it. I do like faux finishes as well, that sounds like an good book.
Great pic of you and your handsome son. I have a nephew named Jade who later in life (he's now over 30) decided it was a girls name and now goes by JT. He won't even respond to Jade. I happen to love the name for a boy OR a girl but's his choice.
Coleen said…
hey, I knew Shirley...well, I did not "know,know" her...but, i went to her sale once and we had a nice chat...I also know that she had gone to the same church as we did (LEC)...her business partner used to be in 'The Band" there....I was so sorry to hear of her passing....
Maija said…
I just love that photo of your son! What wonderful meaning in his name!
Anonymous said…
I love the photo of you and your son.
What a handsome young man...he has such a kind looking face.
misty said…
omg, he's so cute!!!!

and Precious indeed!

thank you for the pea recipes, yum!

lovely sharing here, as always! so much beauty in your world!

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