My first win from the lovely photographer from New York City...
Judy at
"a New York Magpie's Beads"
she has a wonderful blog of beautiful photo's..
go to her web to see more of her photos and her interesting life in the city.
thank you Judy for this wonderful Red Photo!

Last Jan. 19th on the day the One World One Heart giveaway I posted me giveaway at 1 am. By that time I was still number 37. I couldn't wait for it start. I had so much fun last year and even won some of the giveaways. Most importantly I made dear blog friends who I stayed in touch with all year. I was prepared this time knowing I would have to be diligent and systematic if I was going to go to all the new giveaways. Last year there were over 200.

I then won a wonderful pencil assemblage from Linda Crispell from Chicago! It looks like I am going back to School!!! Linda was featured in Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion, Feb./March 2008. Her blog is not to be missed. Thank you so much Linda and for the link and loving words about my dolls.

This year I thought maybe 500....but each day the number went higher and higher....finally topping out at 911 on the closing day for sign ups.
Whew.....I counted how many blogs I would have to go to each day to make it through. I didn't want to miss anyone. I discovered so many wonderful people and artists last years giveaway. So each meal and each break found me going through the wonderful blogs on the list. I took time to go over each one and even checking older posts so I could really see what people were doing and who they were. Near the end I had to not post comments on some blogs just to allow me to get to everyone. Funny thing I was finished with all 911 a day or two before it was over...yeah!!!

Oh and then came this darling cuff from Martha Brown in Toronto Canada. She makes such wonderful things please go see her blog too. thank you Martha!

I made friends with so many new people and even plan to visit one in Europe and have her visit me here. ..........so what is the point!!!!!........well I think Feb 12 for me was Christmas!!! I won 5 different giveaways...wow...I don't think I was the first one drawn on any of them. Most of the ones I won had more than one giveaway...so I was really blessed that they gave away more than one gift.

And lookie here..."This beautiful butterfly decal is waiting to land on your wall and bring color and beauty to your d├ęcor.
Our butterfly decals are based on high resolution photos of real butterflies from around the world.
The size is approximately 6”x6” some are a bit wider."
A gift from Tina who lives in Florida. These butterflies 10 of them are from her etsy shop.
thank you Tina!

As a way of thanking them I want to post all the lovely things I am receiving....with the links to each and everyone of my new dear blog friends from OWOH....
Thank you so much all of you!!!

And finally and these magical cards from Tammy Lee of Montana who takes the most wonderful nature photo's and makes them into prints and cards.
"I would like to tell you first your winner is one very lucky lady!
(oh so sweet Tammy)
You have won my giveaway!!! Yea, yeeha, celebration!"
thank you so much Tammy!

I think some of my wonderful wins will be going on as gifts...the cards..butterflies...
It was so fun I hope you all join OWOH next year...oxoxox


Lucky you! I came rom Lesleys Valentine blog...hope you have a wonderful V-Day!
Eileen said…
Lucky, lucky!! Glad I stopped by your blog to see the goodies you got!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Eileen http://ruralwisconsin.blogspot.com/
Tammie Lee said…
Hello Deirdra,

So lovely that you honored us all with this post. Thank you. It was fun to read what the OWOH was about for you. I also have met amazing people through this event. Stop by and pick out your four choices!
Happy Valentine's Day to you~

Thank you!
I think you should pick up a few lottery tickets, you are on a roll!
Corrine said…
Wow, I can't believe you made it to every ones blog. good going. I lost track of where I had been after the first day.lol. I don't know how many blogs I visited in the end, and I had to give up on looking at the rest of the blogs to get to know the person behind the blog, because there just wasn't enough time. I'm really enjoying exploring this wonderful artists blog directory now. so much talent out there!

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