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My Artistic friends I have a question for you. Our booking agent for my husband John Doan's music performing career wants me to make a graphic image of him for a postcard. It is a little beyond me...but I can pull it off...I have photo shop and a creative brain. But any help and idea's from you would be so appreciated!!!
This is what he wants.
Project 1 – one side of postcard. Color. The three faces of John Doan. Celtic, Beyond Six Strings, Harpolyre. The completed graphic needs to make the person sorting through their mail stop and want to turn the card over and read more. I would like to try and get this done in the next week to ten days.
Show # 2 "Beyond Six Strings"
A show that features the Harp Guitar and other more than six strings guitars including the Harpolyre.

Show #3 A Classical Show on the 1830's Harpolyre of Fernando Sor the father of the Classical Guitar.

Thank you so much for your help...I am not sure how to start.


Pretty Things said…
They're all great -- but I'm not sure the one that shows him with his arms crossed (autoharp-style, only way I know how to describe it) is the best -- great photo, but people will probably not "get" it?

I like the one with him sitting against the stone wall, and just his hands, and, well, all the others!

So I'm no help!
Binky said…
Hi Dierdra, This is the only way I can figure out how to reach you.

I don't have a spot for sale at Artfest, I was just commenting on a great spot that is up for sale on the list right now by:

The classes look great.

BTW. Your work is lovely. I hope you can get to AF. It's a lot of fun. Looks like you could check it out and apply to teach next year.
Corrine said…
Hi Deirdra,
Your wonderful OWOH giveaway arrived today. Thank you so much I love it, and I can't wait to listen to the CD as well.
Gosh..that's not an easy task you have set yourself.
I like the last image posted...but maybe with a different background...perhaps the stone wall or a castle or something like that...or even something lush and fern looking maybe with a waterfall or something natural and soothing, not too distracting, because you want that main image to pop out. Would that work?
anyway...thanks again fo rthe lovely giveaway
Sara lechner said…
Hi Deirdra, I bought the CD with the music of Sor and love it!
I really would like to visit you if I ever come to Oregon. The Olympic Peninsula is since "Twilight" on my list!
I wish you success at Etsy!

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