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I was asked by a few Art Blog friends to have a Esty shop...I have wanted one but I have been running with scissors as fast as I can since last year when I first went to Art and Soul. But in time for Christmas I put up my first art item...my lovely

Marie Antoinette Art doll - Marionette Antoinett

These dolls look like Marionette's...that must be why I love them so...I can never forget going to the puppet theater at Santa's Village in the mountains of Southern California as a child...so much magic.

Miss Antoinette has been on an adventure even before all her cloths were painted on...In her black lingerie she jumped up and down as I drove past a most interesting store when we were in Oakridge Oregon last weekend. John was setting up the Victorian Christmas show and I went out to play. Miss Antoinette saw a truck that matched her dress!! She just had to jump out and climb all over it posing in every way she could....begging me to play the Paparazzi as she enjoyed her visit to the 1956 Dodge pink truck.

Such a little show off but what do you expect from Marie Antoinette she is a Queen after all!

After Miss Antoinette went off to eat cake and take a little nap. My new friend Deanna fro the darling store "Something in Time" came out to greet me. The pink truck was her special baby and she offered to take me for a little ride....oh my.....the windows didn't roll up and the gears made an awful sound as she tried to get it in gear...but what fun....we drove down the river to the famous Covered Bridge and I filmed our adventure. I can't wait to make another Christmas video from it. We laughed and sang...Deanna makes wonderful things at her store. I hope she gets a blog soon. I will never forget this most wonderful Christmas year...so many good times..and so many wonderful new friends!


Dayna Collins said…
The pink truck is the best! What a great photo op (and experience for you and Miss "A").
Deirdra Doan said…
I got this amazing email from a wonderful woman Birgitte Krag Hansen from Denmark who writes books on needle felting.
Here work is amazing!!!

Dear Deirdra
Thank you very much for your mail and your kind words about my work.
I have seen your Christmas video and it really brought me in Christmas mood (julestemning), especially the part where you walk in the wood, so I have sent your links to my friends.

God jul
Many greetings
susanB said…
Congratulations on your etsy shop opening! Love your M Antoinette doll and her adventures. Will they continue when she sells on etsy?
Judy Wise said…
Oh Deirdra, I've just read your Christmas posts and have to compliment you on your photos, your writing and especially on this wonderful doll. I'm putting you on my bloglines now so I can keep up with your adventures. Have a splendid holiday. xo
Pugs in Space said…
I love that truck, I love that doll, I love your art and I love this blog! Sublime!

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