DECEMBER VIEWS DAY 20 "Saturday Night"

"Saturday Night! Saturday Night! We all get together on Saturday Night.
Put on your shoes, go downtown. Do nothing but walk around. On a Sunday
or a Monday you can't do it right, Ain't ya glad we got Saturday Night?"
New Christy Mintrels

Last Saturday night....little 3rd street in McMinnville. A Christmas tradition for the last 25 years of touring the "Victorian Christmas" with John Doan show.

I enjoy walking around the small towns catching Christmas were I can.
It's Peaceful...


Amy said…
oh wow! What beautiful shots! So nice to meet you and thank you for the compliments:) I use photoshop and play with layers and textures to get some of the looks on my photos. It's fun, but pretty addicting too!
Anonymous said…
Your pictures are beautiful! Are you going to send a few tree pics my way for the "Show Us your trees" Christmas Eve slideshow?

It has been fun getting to know you. Your strong spirit makes it all the way through your computer to mine.
Blessings, Jane
ale balanzario said…
Thanks for your visit and comment in my blog,

Great to visit your blog, beautiful shots,
Merry Christmas to you too!!
Ale .
Vedrana M. said…
how lovely :) true christmas spirit! and thank you for visiting my blog, xoxo
Anonymous said…
I love downtown streets at Christmas time when it's quiet and empty...beautiful shots.

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