My first I see a doll?????
In honor of Dec. 14th and my first item for Sale on my New Esty shop...a I am with two dolls at Christmas age 3...but please notice the 2 trucks...yes I loved my dolls, my doll house that is still my idea of what a perfect home should look like...1940's in a very beautiful the old movies with homes like this.....and my slide. I always liked both my Dolls and my trucks and trains!!! and my horse of course with my boots. I really only wore dresses when my mother was around...but I wore jeans and cowboy boots the rest of the time....


beth said…
thanks for stopping by and saying "hello"....

and the old photos of you are great !!!
Diane said…
Hi, Deirdra!
After John's Victorian Christmas tonight, I came home to look at your blog. I've been wanting to for a while. I love the old photos of you as a child! I have some of myself that I would like to do something with someday. I love the two Santas lit up on your porch, and just all the Christmas Holiday images and music you share here. They make be feel nostalgic and warm. I had a good time visiting! I will be back soon.
I also enjoyed Victorian Christmas again! I felt transported to a peaceful place. John's music on the harp guitar is beautiful and soothing.
Well, see you later this week!
Anonymous said…
This is reminding me of my first Christmas. Oh, nostalgia. :)

Congratulations on your new Etsy shop. Etsy is a lot of fun.
Anonymous said…

If that doll house was made of metal, I had one just like it back then. I loved to arrange the furniture and little people in the rooms. Then, I'd back the little car in and out of the garage and play with THAT; never mind what the people were suppose to be doing. :) It truly was a "kinder, gentler time" back then.

Thank you for the memories.


Dayna Collins said…
You were an adorable wee one, Deirdra, and I love old Christmas photos - whispers of my own childhood.
deb did it said…
your old photos are PRICELESS.!

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