Beautiful Rija in Austria
A day for sharing a song on Poetic eye. You can go here to hear others song sharing.

The first song I want to share is by my wonderful friend Harald who lives in Austria. It is such a magical Christmas song. He and Rija (who is from Finland) make beautiful music together. We all encourage each other to make Fairy art. (This is what he calls romatic art, music and photo's of beautiful girls.)

"A Winters Garden Rija"

My mantel ....speaks of a Gentle times for Christmas songs.

My own song "It's Christmas"


Leslie said…
Wonderful music and images, Deirdra. Thanks for sharing.
Deirdra... I TRULY enjoyed both songs.... how fortunate you are to be sharing the gift of music with the world.

Tracie Lyn

Thank you for suggesting that my humble lino carving for my Christmas card "goes well" with your perfect Christmas song! I love your song and the film that goes with it.

Happiest of holiday wishes to you and your family,
Susan Tuttle said…
I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to your blog -- such beautiful things here!

I am having a giveaway contest for my new book over at my blog -- come and see.

Rischa said…
What a lovely Christmas song, Deirdra! You have a beautiful voice. The video was great, too.

Anonymous said…
Love the music and your beautiful images. I also love the little Nisse in your previous post.
I just finished the last of the little Jolasveinar (Christmas Elves)
I will start showing them on December 12th.
daisies said…
how wonderful ... what lovely videos to accompany such beautiful music ... makes me smile :) thank you for sharing!! xox
Uncommon Depth said…
Wonderful. I am doubly impressed by your mantle display!
Anonymous said…
Thank you so much for sharing those songs, they are so beautiful. Also, thank you for visiting my little blog. I appreciate your comment! It is a pleasure to meet you through December Views. =)

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