Sunday, December 21, 2008


Setting the table for the neighbors to come to Dinner..."Little House on the Prairie" style. We can't drive any where so this is a wonderful time to have fun at home....but.
They only live 3 doors down..... they will be walking....with 2 darling little girls that were born in India is only 2......... Drama..........can they get up the driveway.....????? this ice storm..........

and we have no went out last night at midnight.....but yeh!!!! we have a generator.....and used it for the first time will I have guests??????????


Shannon Murphy said...

Hello Deirdra,

Your photos are so beautiful of your "crystal" Evergreens. Can the adults pull the children up your drive with a rope pulling them on a sled? You might need spikes on your boots but---"where there's a will, there's a way". :)

Have a wonderful time!



lk moonwood said...
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lk moonwood said...

Oooh, Deirdra! Your icy pictures are so beautiful, I'm jealous! And you and your salt and pepper snowmen are so cute around the table. Do you think we'll be snowed in through Christmas?
;D lulu

Christina said...

These are such wonderful pictures. I love your table setting.

Have a wonderful dinner. ; )

Anonymous said...

Red from the Possum Lodge is one of my favorite characters !!!!

Your photos are marvelous.....looks like you are going to have a wonderful meal.

misty said...

wonderful photos! that one of you is just adorable, so sweet & warm you are.

i hope your electricity comes back soon, but thank god you have warmth! how crazy that so many are snowed are all in my thoughts.
thank you for the tags, too...they are so cute.. i am going to print them out now for india.
Merry Christmas to you and your family ....and the strange man in your hot tub. ;-)

April Jarocka said...

Hi Deirdra! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for educating me in such beautiful things as harp guitars. I feel ashamed to say that I never realised such an instrument existed. Had a look at your husband's website which I enjoyed. Love your blog too btw and want to wish you all the best in all your creative endeavours in 2009!
April and Ugly Rabbit

Amy said...

That ice storm looks incredible. I'm glad you were able to get out of the house a bit on Saturday. Have a wonderful dinner with your neighbors, and stay cozy and warm!

lissa said...

those salt and pepper are adorable!