The Wee People

Well I made the Bonoffee yesterday and guess who showed up! The Wee people!
I went to Ireland 5 times and never brought home a little one. But the last time I went I bought 5 of them! One for a gift, one is broken...and now I just have these 3.

Sure as you know they popped up the minute the making of the Bonoffee started.

I know desert is really made of things like sugar and milk and stuff that isn't really on my mostly raw food diet but...

So I found organic ingredients with good and organic whole sugars and grains. And it came out tasting wonderful. A couple changes though. I would double the graham cracker crust. I used coconut oil instead of butter and much less oil..I even added a little olive oil.

I cooked the milk in the boiling water too long...the toffee was too hard to pour. I used the 3 hours and the overnight method. I boiled it more like 3 1/2 hours.

So I will work on that for next time. It was hard to just have to dig it out of the can. It did not I left it in little daps...I used the bananas to flatten the toffee down.

The wee people crowded together to have their photo's taken with the Eiffel towers...they were sure it showed off there green cloths so very well.

I hope you had a nice St. Patricks Day? And we are off now to think about Passover..and then Easter....


Peggy said…
Your post makes me hungry ! ... and these are the cutest Eiffel Towers I've ever seen ... and I almost can see the real one from my window.
Love, Peggy from Paris. :o)
Yum! I love to boil in the can, Eagle Brand milk, and just eat it with a spoon. But I only do that about once a decade. I see you have another kind of milk for this purpose. I can assure you that not only little people want to eat that wonderful treat! You did a good job.

I wish my husband did not have to be 100% gluten free, or I'd make desserts with Graham cracker crusts again. Nonetheless, Bob's Red Mill has come through with so very much wondrousness for the gluten free.

Lucky you! ♣
Heather said…
Aren't they such dashing wee folk? How wonderful! And what a great recipe. This week I started a vegetarian feels good! I might have to try your lovely desert :)
Healing Woman said…
I made your Irish dessert and had some of the same problems. I followed the microwave instructions but it was too thick to spread. I dabbed it on as you did. I pushed the bannanas into the top to hold down. It tasted very good but I think next time I will purchase the caramel.

Your wee people are so cute. I am so pleased that I'll be going to Ireland in June. I'll try the pie there and look for these adorable sculptures.

Thanks for posting
Sue said…
I've never made this, but it does sound yummy!

Your little wee people, I'm 'sure' were a big help! LOL

Happy Belated St. Patty's day to you too.

Maija said…
They are so delightful!!!

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