Ginkgo design harp guitar

On a post a in 2008 I talked about a Guitar sound hole I designed...(You can see the post Click Here)

I just ran across photo's of the Guitar. The builder is Stephen Segwick from London. If you are interested there is a cute video interview with him on his here. By the way he is a dashing artistic still single guy in his 30'

I just thought it would be fun to show you. I am amazed to see my art in so many, cloths. It is such a interesting life and I am thankful for it.


Sue said…
The design you did is wonderful - fits the lines of that fabulous guitar perfectly!
Anonymous said…
I had never really heard of the harp guitar until friending you and hearing about your husband. Such a beautiful sounding instrument....I've listened to John's stuff on youtube quite a few times. Very soothing...

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