"Passion for Gold" Art & Soul.....Gustave Klimt Class

One month ago I was teaching "Pretty as a Princes" class at Art and Soul 09 in Portland
I started the class teaching a very "No Fault Faces Painting" method.
We used the slow drying Open Acrylic by Golden to give us time to fix our mistakes.
We made sketches and value studies to get it all just right before we added color. It was so rewarding having students tell me it was the first time they painted a face that they really loved!
It was my heart desire to help people paint faces and love them as I do. I never dreamed that it would happen so quickly and that the method I developed really made a difference to them.
Next using Klimt as a inspiration we made drew the clothes that we would put on our collage.

A golden dress. I hope to teach the class again with some changes. I am calling it "A Passion for Gold and Silver"
My students were so so great!
I love her face.
I am looking forward to seeing these collages finished.
This is a painting of my students Granddaughter.

I played around during my demos to make this little girl.
An Angel....
Finished piece by my friend Liz.
Lulu and I shared a booth at Vendor night!
It was a wonderful night. The Vendor show had the most amazing artist. It truly was the best Art show I have EVER seen!!!! You must come next year.


spindelmaker said…
Oh, your class looks so great! Wish I could have been there. And Michelle said she saw you at vendors night, and loved your things. I know why! Your stuff is great! :-) I really like your blue-faced girl. She´s so nouveau! When is your next class?
Sherry said…
Sounds like a wonderful class Deirdra and when you have students tell you that your method has shown them how to create faces that they like -- that is a great compliment indeed!
Sarah said…
This looks like a lovely class Deirdre! Your students have made some beautiful work.
Dayna Collins said…
It looks like your class was a huge success and your students had a fun time - their creations are beautiful!
Wow! You must be an amazing teacher! All of your posted student's work look great! Cheers, Julie
Mo'a said…
Congratulations...you did a wonderful job. I would have loved to be in that class.
Amy said…
The work your students have done is stunning! I have doodled faces since I was little, but have never been confident enough to use them in my art. I would love to take this class from you! Will you be teaching it or something similar again?
Hi Deirdre
You can really see the Klimt influence in all these works. They're wonderful! You've taught well. He was so ahead of his time wasn't he? with regardsto form & colour

Janine said…
What a wonderful idea on your theme, both of them, the Klimt and the black and gold. I would love to take a class with you!
Janine said…
Oops! I meant Passion for Gold! Sorry!

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