COCO BEFORE CHANEL: Coco and her Hat

"COCO and Her Hat" a 1912 Coco Channel Art Doll
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I saw the most wonderful movie this weekend. The scenes were so beautiful. Coco Channel used black and white as her signature colors. There is a key at the beginning of the movie that tells you why. I wear black and white the most when I want to look smart and think it is so elegant.

The gorgeous scenes have been dancing through my head. So it inspired me to rework a couple of my dolls. Their clothing touches my heart deeply. I were lace as much as I can as well. Antique lace is so very romantic.
She is inspired by the movie about Coco Channel. The scenes from the early 1900's had beautiful clothing. Black and White where signature colors for Coco as well as pearls.
She started her clothing company by making hats so her straw hat is befitting this little Coco doll.

Here shawl is antique lace. And the pearl on her neck is from my mothers button box and came off a elegant 1960's dress that would have been from the height of Coco' 60's Classic Jacket period.


Meri said…
Loved the film. Love the new Coco, as well. I've signed up to play dolls with Judy Wise at a workshop in July 2010 -- haven't played dolls before, so I'm nervous.
Hi Deirdra
she's a very ladylike doll reminiscent of ladylike times! Great film too
Unknown said…
Oh, I've been waiting for this movie!! Haven't seen it yet..
Ofcourse, your dolly was perfect before but I love what she is wearing these days!
happy blessings,
Janine said…
The dolls are beautiful! The eyes especially are so lovely!
Shannon said…
Beautiful, exquisite doll! Such wonderfully, detailed work. Please tell me that you've submitted to the new Stampington Magazine "Prims" that is going to be coming out next year for exactly that style of doll? So glad I stumbled upon your blog, really inspiring awesome artwork.
I'm so excited about the new Coco Chanel movie Coco Before Chanel. I think Audrey Tautou is a perfect match to play the lovely Coco Chanel. She is just gorgeous and a lovely lady. I can't wait to see it. These dolls are so wonderful and delicate. I just loved it.

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