Klimt Inspired "Austrian Musician in a Red Scarf" finished

I finished the painting. I wanted to use gold leaf but couldn't find mine. So I used gold oil paint. I thing it works because the gold doesn't fight with the figure.

It was fun to push my self. And of course my sweet brother "Sir Harald" from Wells Austria loves it. He lives very close to were Klimt spent his vacations on the lake. Isn't it interesting that we my husband I are blessed to have friends in Austria. I never dreamed I would get to go to Austria and have friends in Klimt land!


Anonymous said…
BeUtiFul Dierdra! Great to see what fabulous things you have been up to. I'm so glad you pushed yourself, you're an amazing talent!
have a day full of blessings,
Anonymous said…
I spelled Beautiful wrong...hate it when that happens :)
Anonymous said…
Your talent and ability to create beauty is beyond what most mortals can accomplish.

Love Carol
I can see a very European Folk style to this painting.it's lovely.I'm waiting for my muse to return. it can get you down when it only shows up fora short period and then flies away again!LOL Yes Austria is enchanting.
take care D & btw your man's music is lovely!
Amy said…
Harald must be beside himself with joy--that is such a fantastic painting!
Serena Barton said…
That's a lovely painting! I love his face. I've just decided to go back to some painting also. Haven't gone back to oils yet, but you are inspiring me to do so. Great job on this musician!
DEIDRE said…
DEIRDRA...dont ya just adore Klimt? he is one of my favorites...he inspries me all the time! Hey what is your email address? love to chat back & forth...DEIDRE from Portland
great job with your painting...
I'd like one of those Klimty scarves, please. The painting turned out beautifully!
: ) lulu

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