Oil Painting of Harald in Process

My friend Harald the most wonderful guitarist from Austria asked me to paint a picture of him for his CD. He and I both love Gustave Klimt. I think of him as Gustave Klimt my brother as he lives in Klimt land and is a wonderful artist like Klimt. You can hear his wonderful music click here.

about his music....

"Harald is a musical poet, painting pictures with sound through his sensitve performances and imaginative compositions. His music is both strong and fragile at once, filled with vibrant melodic phrases, harmonic rhythms, as well as moments of profound quietness." JOHN DOAN "Your music is WONDERful! Ethereal, celestial, and so richly layered and inviting." AMY WHITE
I started with an underpainting in oil.
Next I add oil color.
I am trying out a Klimt like background....Harald loves earthy woods and mystical country places.
I plan to paint in some gold like the painting of Klimts on the desk.

I used this painting by Klimt for the idea's of the trees.


Janine said…
Oh Deirdra, what a wonderful painting!!! How did you come up with that background. I have no imagination when it comes to backgrounds and would love to know how you came about this one?
Beautiful work. Thank-you for visiting my blog. I was at art and soul a few years ago. I have a facebook page please visit.

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