It's Merry Christmas time. Every year my Christmas is about touring this wonderful show. A Victorian Christmas with John Doan. I love this photo. Each place we bring the set to has it's own special atmosphere...what a special way to Celebrate Christmas by giving this gift to people around the West Coast.

A moment between shows. We had an afternoon show. During the break we went to a little tea shop to look at Antiques. John was a little tired and we had a show in the evening yet to do. But it was so fun to both be in the Victorian Dress. I have long ago retired my dress because it is way to much work to manage that long skirt while breaking down the set. This was the first year that Florence Oregon a Beach town put on a Dickens Festival. They asked me to please wear a Victorian dress. It was nice to wear. The most interesting part of it was walking down the streets of Old Town Florence. As I walked it seemed like every man young and old who saw me could not help but tell me how lovely my dress was!!! It was so cute. Men love the look of Red and a feminine women dressed was ... be ... a ....Goode Ladye!
New Friends...I met these dear Ladye's at the Tea Room. We had a wonderful time talking, taking each others pictures and exchanging blogs....The Ladye Lydia in the pink pokadots is and author. Click here for her Blog "Nov 28 An Afternoon at Tea". She talks about our meeting. Her friend and now my is Ladye Lisa. She came to the concert in the evening an brought her family and darling son...


Oh, what a sweet couple. You both look beautiful.
Lydia said…
Seeing you in that dress made me realize that if more of us wore our costumes out in public it would make more people want to wear theirs. I almost put on my Victorian outfit that day..Florence is the perfect place to wear one.
Dear Deirdra,

It was so wonderful meeting you! I went to a raw training school with my son sponsered by
I love learning about great raw recipes.

Love Lisa
Liesel said…
You're very welcome :o) Yes it was the Christmas song, it's very beautiful! It takes me back to the world of Beatrix Potter, the beginning of this film <3
Deirdra Doan said…

Catherine Moore wrote me about a movie called "Dangerous Beauty" I recommended her to. Here is her post. It helps me to keep track of my friends from the blog world. I don't like the way Typepad blogs allows their bloggers to not even come to your blog to post you back a note. I understand it is easier for them to write you back but takes the fun out of the comment page on my blog. So I just post things people said myself for myself or anyone else that might enjoy the coversation.

Dear Deirdra
Thank you for the recommendation. We watched it over the Thanksgiving holiday and it was enjoyed by all. Aaah, Venezia, what a city. I have to admit though, seeing it in person during the height of tourist season hardly compared to scenes from the movie or my own imagination, but still you have to admit it is a magical place.

Catherine Moore
m i c h e l l e said…
You two look so elegant. Knowing your talents and your husband's talents just make me enjoy this post so much more! Wishing you and your family a very happy holiday Dierdra!

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