Today I walked up the leaf filed path to my welder friend Terry Calderwood front door. Magic was about to happen falling like fairy's into the maple leaves arms.....
while I was reading in the car the magic happened..........
blue and gold.................
getting ready to take our trip through the snow.......a hitch for the take Christmas to all our the stage.

"VICTORIAN CHRISTMAS" WITH JOHN DOAN...a calendar of the show


Shelley said…
Hi Deirdra,
Thanks so much for the lovely comment on my blog. I love your creative spirit, and I can't get that Christmas song out of my head.....haha. The tune and the singing is beautiful, as is your art. I added you to follow your blog. Nice to meet you!
Unknown said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love your post on Modigliani! I saw that movie about a month ago and it was so good (but sad).
Deirdra... THANKS SO MUCH for the comment you left on my blog and for visiting.

I do think art retreats are valuable, and stress free. Art school was an INCREDIBLE experience and one I would never EVER trade.. but it is a DIFFERENT WORLD than art retreats. Both are valuable, both have their place.

YES.. I am a graphics major. I actually have two degrees.. one in computers and one in graphics. I returned to school later in life and although I would have rather been a full-blown studio arts major.. it just did not make sense for me to completely ignore my computer background. SO .. I forged my own path in art school being the first to graduated with a Graphics Degree, but being PRETTY DARN CLOSE to having a Fine Arts degree too.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for you Christmas invite... I will DEFINITELY check out your You Tube link.

and THANK YOU FOR YOUR kind compliment about the Frames.. they are not my creations though.... I purchased them from an on-line scrapbooking site call Two Peas... but you do have to have the correct software to manipulate them.

I love surrounding my pictures with them.. I tend to have a romantic style.. and these fit the bill quite nicely.

I hope we will be able to meet this next year.

Tracie Lyn

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