Blessings and Thanks for all the Goodness and Mercy that you, oh God have given to me, my family, my friends and our country. Thank you for all the Brave people, white, black, yellow and Red that have been a part making us a Nation.......Bless us in this time of transition and may we stand in your Truth. May healing and the divide be broken. Bring your light....Bring your reconciliation.

Movies are a place I go to meditate on truths I am dealing with. We saw "The Last of the Mohican's " last night to think about Thanksgiving and a part of our history as a nation. It was truly moving....the bravery, the covering of each other, the bitterness and revenge. But most of all for me as a women the idea of being Covered...loved..
Over the years in my healing of my heart I have transferred my need for a man to cover me to the Truth of only one man who could heal my deep broken heart....a heart that longs to be loved. Only the man Christ can go that deep inside of me to heal. This clip is only one of the stories that represents the depth of that kind of Love. There are several other characters and stories in this movie that show so beautifully the truth of that kind of covering love.....If you get a chance I would recommend the movie too you.
I love the song in this clip.

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A video of paintings of the Brave and Beautiful Native American peoples with the theme song of "The Last Mohicans"


Deirdra Doan said…
Deirdra, Lovely video, lovely paintings, lovely music! What a wonderful combination. That movie has long been one of my very favorites, and I've watched it a number of times. I, too, recommend it to everyone. Ginny
Beautiful video clip, that first one. I had forgotten about that story - hadn't seen the movie in a long time. Beautiful but heart-breaking. lulu
p.s. Your painting is gorgeous! Hope you had a very happy Thanksgiving!

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