I Love Modigliani as most women did in his life time....
His paintings are so beautiful...he would sit and look at his models saying nothing and then he would paint their very souls...some people liked what he saw some stormed out because he saw the truth.
I saw a wonderful romantic and very sad movie on him from 2004. Then I went and read a book on his life called "Modigliani a life ".In the book were clues to how his life was cut so short.

I was so taken by his life and this poem came up in my was the only thing that silenced my heart that grieved for such a amazing man and his art....


Oh how you have Fallen Star of Delight

Deception & Death lured you into its dark corners

Angels of light Calling

Dark side of the Moon cold & unyielding

Luring you with promises

Sirens voices of Crystalline Lies

Oh the Beautiful Side of Evil, Foolish One

They have stolen your Gift

A Blessing to the world son of Abraham

Fallen in your Prime

Oh there is no Glory to your God

for it has been Wiped out by the Bitter Wormwood

Why did you not "Choose life"!

(Deut. 28 "Lach Heim!" "Choose Life" Jewish saying)

deirdra summer 2007

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Susan said…
Hello, I came across you from a comment on Tricia's blog. You have such a wonderful blog. I love your song and video. You are certainly a talented person. Thanks for sharing with us.
Susan said…
Deirdra, Hi, it's me again, sorry I was unclear. I saw your comment on a blog of a friend. Tricia Scott (A Little Birdie Told Me) I am never sure how to introduce myself to someone new. Thanks for stopping by my blog and once again, I really do like your art, music and photos.
Jo Wholohan said…
wow deirdra, i had no idea there was a movie, will have to look out for it xx
Lily said…
We watched this movie a couple of months ago. It is very memorable!
reagan said…
I first found his work after a couple of comments that mine looked a bit like his. I have been entranced ever since. This was my first ever direct attempt to simulate his work. I did it for my journal as an inspiration page for myself. I have not seen the movie, but told my hubby we ARE watching it:-) THank you so much for visiting. Your words are lovely.

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