New Danish Cousin

Today I meet a New Danish Cousin...George...He came over with my other cousin his daughter Linda. He happened to live near me and our cousin in Denmark..Dinna who does genealogy encouraged him to call on me. We had such a delightful afternoon.

I put out my Danish flag.
and they brought me flowers...

I made Martha Stewart's Apple Spice here George gave me a book he wrote in Verse about his wonderful wife Gillian...

George loved a line in my little Christmas children's book I have been writing about a Danish Nissa... "A Heart Wise and Innocent"......I was inspired by a photo of him in his book and my painting I painted in Denmark. So with my new found love of Digital Collage I made a collage of him.....I felt the line fit him and his dear heart well...
"A Heart Wise and Innocent".


Hey the heck are you? Happy Weekend! I left you something on my blog! whooowhooooooo
janne said…
Thanks for your help Deirdra!
It´s so much fun with Photoshop, don´t you think? I am actually teaching it now for two weeks at the high-school. I thought all three classes would work on one common project: making illustrations for a dictionary of mythical creatures. That way they can challenge their creative cells while they learn technique. Today we made lots of mermaids :-)
Your Lulu Klimt looks almost mythical too!

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