Art Doll Quarterly Winter issue 09!

This week I have been finishing up a Holiday project to send to Somerset Studios.
The wonderful things I have been learning from classes at Artfest & Art and Soul and magazine articles in Somerset have finally started to give me a box of tools to really make my art work. I am so happy with these little elf's. When I started them last Nov. they weren't really this finished. But after all the techniques and ways of working have become part of my artistic vocabulary I was really able to bring these Elf's to a completion. I love all the depth of colors and the poetry that has come to land on them. They feel magical to me now.
I sent these two mixed media works and a surprise piece that you will have to see when they come out in the magazine. Jenny Doh loves the piece that I am holding back for you to see in the magazine.
It was a big project to pack up and label all this heavy art work. But I am so happy to finally have it done. I hope they will like these other pieces too. I thought they made a nice trio with the surprise mixed media piece.
This is the GREAT news. While I was in AZ I got a note from Jana Holstein at ART DOLL QUARTERLY that I was accepted to be in the Winter issue with a feature article about my Dolls!!!
I was so excited and made a new doll while on vacation at the Beach in San Diego! I visited the Stampington studios with my doll and Jana gave me an 1 1/2 tour of all the wonderful rooms and beautiful editors. I was like a kid in a candy store!! The art was so awesome. I got to see Misty Mawns journal that she worked on during our January Challenge. And so much more...I can't even explain how wonderful it was. Jana Holstein was a gracious host spending so much time with me. I had the pleasure of meeting Jenny Doh and hearing about upcoming projects!

So here 2 weeks later are the girls are waiting to be piled into this little box for the vacation in Southern California at Hotel Stampington. I wrote a note to Jana about my dolls when I sent them.
"Looking forward to you having my dolls have a little stay at Hotel Stampington in Laugna Hills....please don't let them skip out to beach though....try as they might.... they will sea stain their dress's and burn their little cheeks!"

Good Friday found me packing up my final box....I am so excited...oxox


Pretty Things said…
I wish that box would detour to me! One of the things on my "must buy this year" list is one of your dolls....
Congrats on the article @ ART DOLL QUARTERLY! Can't wait to read it! Be sure to remind us when he issue becomes avail,Deirdra! Cheers, Julie
Sherry said…
That is such wonderful new Deirdra!!! I can't wait to see the issue -- it will be amazing!!
Cindy Thomson said…
Congratulations, Deirdra! That' s so wonderful, but not surprising to me. You have such talent! :)
Maija said…
Yippee!!! I love them all!!
yarnahoy said…
Your dolls & art work are so beautiful & evocative!

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