Esty and Loopyboopy Treasury

Loopyboopy's beautiful Doll!!!

Isn't it wonderful to be LOVED! Today Loopyboopy a great Doll artist from the ART DOLLS ONLY etsy group I belong to used one of my paintings in her Etsy Treasury...
Please go see her dolls here
Thank you Loopy for telling me how special I am today...I needed it!


Maija said…
You are special everyday Dierdra!
LoopyBoopy said…
Yes indeed you are very special:) I love it that some of our members work in other medium and like to include them in my doll treasuries whenever I get a chance. I didn't realize painted but was delighted to find your lovely work! Thanks for the plug Diedra:)
Sherry said…
I love this treasury!! Saw it when it was first posted!!
Unknown said…
Love your paintings Diedra! Loopy has a good eye with those Treasurys.
:) Nicole

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