Miss Marie Antoinette Part of Traveling doll project.

I didn't have time to be involved in the wonderful "Traveling Doll Project" of the ADO
Art Dolls Only group I belong to....but of course Miss A has time for everything....especially if it involves publicity....
So here she is on the logo for the project...What a Queen....it was perfect as she was unfinished with her black lingerie showing and her skirt half pined on. Each of the traveling dolls goes unfinished to its new doll maker home to have something different added on till she is finish at the 6th doll makers home.
Please check out the project on their blog by clicking here...what fun they are having!
I was honored to have my photo's and doll featured.


Sherry said…
Oh what a fabulous idea -- truly, truly unique with each person adding something of their special touch!
Anonymous said…
Bon Voyage to your doll friend...she looks complete to me.
It will be fun to see what people add to her.
Maija said…
What great fun!!!!
Jo Anne O. said…
Hi Deirdra!

I am sorry now that I will not be your roomie! Maj didn't know when she contacted you that I had switched rooms! I am now staying in dorm 225...BUT I sure hope we can meet! Is this your first year? I have Sussman, Ludwig and Sonheim...do we share a class?

By the way, I love your dolls!

Jo Anne

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