Dawn Supina and artist and blogger from Canada asked me to do an interview on her blog. She posted it today.....Please Click here to read it.

It starts out...

I was first introduced to Deirda Doan and her work last year when she won my OWOH giveaway draw. Between the beauty of her site, her husband John's ethereal music, her blog quickly became a feature in my Beautiful Blogs section. Today you will meet the lovely, and very interesting Deirdra.

I am honored to be part of her interviews. She has posted 12 interviews so far of wonderful bloggers. They are lots of fun to read!


Sherry said…
It is a lovely interview...and it brought me here to your blog...where I've added you as one that I is like that, isn't it?
Congratulations!!! It looks like you've really been busy with your art! Teaching at Art & Soul and Artfiberfest? WOW!!! GOOD FOR YOU! I wish the best to you and have loads of fun teaching!
Zorana said…
I thought you might want to know that the link in your post doesn't work... A quick google search brought me to Dawn's blog where I enjoyed reading the interview and learning more about you.
What a wonderful interview, Deirdra! Congratulations! (I learned some MORE interesting stuff about you!)
xoxo lulu

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