Happy St. Patricks Day...I have been blessed to follow St. Patrick around in Ireland....I made a video of my husband at the ancient Celtic pilgrimage places...This is one I put up on youtube of John Doan my husbands music and my film work! Have a lovely day today!

I have lead 3 tours to Ireland. I drove one car and John the other...wild driving...left side..and crazy narrow roads with no shoulders...what an amazing place...The monks were the Druids and when they heard the story that blood sacrifice was completed by Christs death...they were thrilled...many of the great Celtic Monks were the main Druids...so they were awesome monks...St. Francis of Assie was taught by these brave men who went through out Europe...teaching love of nature, animals, women and about God. The more authoritarian monks were the Roman Monks who used the Roman way not the Celtic Way.

If you want to read a great book..check out "The Soul of the Celtic Spirituality" click here

Another favorite read is by my friend Cindy Thompson. My husband wrote a book review for her book "Celtic Wisdom" click here.

It has awesome pictures. She took everything we learned using lots of books and put it in a small wonderful little book. Wish it had been out when we were looking for material. Check out Cindy's other books she is a great novel writer too. She has helped me with my little children's book...oh how I love writers...they know how to make things work like transitions...I didn't even know what that meant when I started...(a smooth flow from one scene to another in your story) Check out her blog too...click here


Cindy Thomson said…
Thanks for the mention, Deirda! It's been such a blessing getting to know you guys! Happy St. Patty's Day!
Tina said…
cool video and sweet music. So much talent under one roof. Hope you are doing well and still making lovely art.

Tina said…
yeah, I guess you are right- but g-rated fun with your hubby is great. G-rated fun with kids not so much :)

visit me at


missing the misty art we made in portalnd last year and her january journal month...so I got back into on my own and what fun it was.

thanks for all the great inspiration you offer.
Loved your husbands music as ever!
Anonymous said…
Oh, I can't wait to read these! I really love the celtic spirituality, how everything is entwined. I'm reading Anam Cara - A Book of Celtic Wisdom by John O'Donohue now. Have you read it?
Anonymous said…
Dear Deirdra -- I found your site through Suziblu and scrolling down from the beautiful doll was surprised to see the Celtic Video. I watched it last night and this morning showed it to my husband. We are enchanted. Is this an old song that your husband is playing? Does he write music? Congratulations on your video; it is so well done and echoes the spirit of the music. Thank you.
Deirdra Doan said…
HI Nikolette, I have no way to reach you. John's web is www.johndoan.com
He composed all the music you hear.

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