Christmas at Trinty Alps CA

I want to share with your a beautiful moment we experienced for Christmas. It was such a gift to have all the joy and love of Christmas hit us as we entered our Alpine Glow cabin for a couple days retreat before our concert on Sat. night.

We arrived about 7 pm after a 7 hour drive in the mountains of Trinity Alps just west of Redding CA. The whole cabin was truly aglow with Christmas cheer. My husbands music was playing and the fridge was filed with dinner and goodies.

We flipped on the gas fireplace..cuddled down to watch a movie "Moonstuck" and eat a lovely pizza and salad. Hedi and Steph our friends and owners have these beautiful cabins on the river in the mountains. (you can rent it for your family too)
They had a little party the next night at our cabin..with homemade tamales and wonderful guests..

so cozy..
It was so fun to a hot tub after exploring the little town earlier in
the day.

They run kayaking tours on the river and whale watching 2 hours away at the coast in Eureka. We spend Dec. making other people Christmas a little cheerier and it is such a blessing to receive back so much love.
It can be a little displacing when you are on the Road for Christmas. But after 24 years I now call it my Christmas tradition. As I am writing this I am on the streets of the little town of Weaverville. An old mining town in the mountains. I am looking at all the little lights twinkling off the the old shop windows. It is fun to see how all the little communities of the West celebrate Christmas. As we ate lunch today in the local restaurant the children came in ..the girl scouts and later an other group singing carols.

What are you doing this weekend...Christmas fun?


Diane said…
I think this is a WONDERFUL way to celebrate the Holidays--This cabin ( I would call it a haven) is gorgeous!
Janine said…
Ahhhhhhhh, take me away!
Anonymous said…
Looks wonderful and very know how we Scandinavians love cozy.
We were in NYC with the throngs.
We were filled with the Christmas spirit...NYC sure knows how to do Christmas.
Next weekend Bucks County :)
Sarah said…
This looks lovely Deirdra! Have a lovely Christmas! x

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