Canda Christmas White Christmas Musical

I just saw the most wonderful Musical Version of "White Christmas" in Canada!! We jumped across the boarder to BC for 2 nights. It was so fabulous...I will post more about it.
But the Musical topped it off. Looking at all the Canadian people in the audience and walking the streets with Christmas lights and store windows all with the backdrop of snow capped mountains very near by. I have always said. You don't have to go to Europe or Asia for that matter. Just pop over the boarder and you feel like you are in England...meeting people from all over the world. The stores and shops and food are wonderful. And the arts are in abundance there. Years ago we went to the World Expo where my husband played and I remembered all the amazing arts. Fashion, music, painting...etc. I wanted to go and see what they were up to now days.
Merry Christmas..enjoy the show!

I missed seeing the Woodwards Windows that where saved after the Department store was closed down. They had them on display at Canada Place but you can't do it all. I saved something for next time. But we can enjoy it here.


Janny said…
Lovely post!Merry Christmas and all the best for 2011!

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